Rekt Garage A

All apes, goblins, rektguys and other rabble — we salute you!

Big things are going to happen in the depths inside Rekt Garage A. There is a hideout of degens making some money moves side-by-side and simply having fun.

We're fixin' to do some things:

Incubate and launch our own PFP collections including any current trends and crazes, AI or pixel-style as well as serious ones. Our Garage lab is experienced enough to be able to create the first one immediately after minting.
Run a completely new collaboration paradigm to get whitelists spots for the community. Thanks to smart contract features the Garage will be gaining massive allocations in promising collections.
Equip each of the degen with mint sniper and mint alert bots developed and already personally used by the team. Nothing huge, just solid working tools for a good aping.
Build the multifunctional NFT platform and launchpad, definitely one of a kind to date. Whatever that means.

Why do we need you degens?

  • To gather a core of active members for making a big noise in the NFT space. What cannot be done alone, the crowd can easily do!
  • To discuss plans and ideas collectively for upcoming projects. The DAO-style vibes.

What do you get out of it?

High-priority access to any actions of the Garage lab:

  • Specially allocated Allowlist spots for the community’s own collections;
  • Royalty share from launches;
  • Mint Tools Starter Pack;
  • A few other striking things as the project moves forward.

*A few days later...*

In retrospect, clearly success was an inevitable outcome. Still don't have any idea? Think better. Then you'll say you could do it too, bro.